Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bits & Pieces: Sarasvati's Mancawarna Photo Set

It would be a sad thing indeed if a great artist had all violent colors taken off his palette for fear that he would use them so clashingly as to make a beautiful painting impossible, A super-abundance of color is unnatural -Natalie Kalmus--

The conceptions of color’s primacy (in refer to the ground philosophy of the words Mancawarna) went forward to the ideas of when it was on its extreme left---and right. We elaborated the notion of: the binary of the both, the life of the composed two contrasts, the usual ecstatic, the heartbeat of believing lies, disbelieving the plain truth, the bottom nature, Mystery.

Photographer : Marisca Surahman
Make Up & Costume : Marisca Surahman & Tania Anggarda
Location : FILEphotography Studio
Client : Sarasvati Music

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