Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Verkel - Hymne Neraka (Music Video)

Anti-sinners that gotten better at camouflaging their zealotry, or in summary; a modern bigot. are at last begging their logic to get rid everyone off, because as we begin to see something right as something too right and mistakes as perpetual diseases, we begin to praise the everyday torment, the me-first wrapping up, the holocaust in disguise. There will be no one ended up that right, expect maybe yourself --you dont say it--- your heart admits it outloud. how would it feel to be free --in heaven--? 

Lonely. A Hymn goes.

Produced & Directed by Leftfield Leisure
MUA : Betha Astria
Cast(s) : Ratihmaya Becks / Syifa Silvia / Abdul Harrist / Mira Rizka / Andhika Jobunk 

Verkel - Hymne Neraka from Leftfield Leisure on Vimeo.

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