Sunday, May 13, 2012

The White Parade / Cinemakelu 2012

The White Parade is a short length Noir about the ideas of Individualism and Togetherness depicted by an ensemble story of 7 interrelated college students in their way to their campus. 

Written By Leftfield Leisure & Sakti Nuzan
Directed By Leftfield Leisure & Ananda Surio
Produced by Noval Zindann & Direktorat Komunikasi & Informasi LKM UNPAR
Music Scoring by Ferdi Ardiansyah, Muhammad Awfi & Adria Padmodihardjo
Cast(s) : Grahito Handaru, Alby Rachman, Estelle Dianti, Nicholas Theofila, Hanna Savitri, Yusuf Zulkibri, Ray Erwinn & Apsy Suryodibroto

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